Hoarding Specialist


Hoarding:  Australia’s Hidden Problem


For those of us working with hoarders in their home, we know that hoarding is a problem that can’t be fixed by simply cleaning up the mess.  While hoarding causes distress and impairment, the clutter seen is usually the physical manifestation of more serious problems including OCD, depression, anxiety disorders and learning deficits.

Wendy Hanes has helped restore order in more than 200 Melbourne households. Wendy is skilled at helping clients make good decisions about what they want in their home and applies a variety of techniques to help them let go of unnecessary possessions. She has a calm, gentle manner and a good ability to engage clients including those struggling with mental health issues.

Every hoarding situation is different and Wendy works closely with a network of skilled professionals. This ensures each client gets the support they need to achieve the best outcome for them and the other stakeholders.

Wendy Hanes has been called upon by administrators and guardians, mental health experts, community groups, social workers and families of hoarders. She is the most highly qualified expert in Australia who works hands-on day-to-day in this special field.

Wendy delivers workshops and training to educate people working in the front line such as social workers and trauma cleaners. She works in both the public and private sector and is renowned for delivering results that meet the requirements of landlords, housing officers and administrators while keeping the hoarder’s well being at the centre of decision making.

Wendy’s view is that hoarding is not a problem fixed quickly or in isolation. Without an appropriate plan, engagement with the necessary stakeholders and careful implementation, there will be no success.  As Australia’s most highly qualified hands-on worker in the field of hoarding, you will be amazed hearing her common sense approach to dealing with this complex problem.




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