Thank you so much for all your help over the last year!

You are incredible.

A lifesaver!

Your kind-hearted nature and patience and motivating traits are phenomenal.  I really appreciate your understanding, flexibility and willingness to “dig in and get dirty”.

You are a wonderful professional with your tool kit and all the little touches you add for the people you help.

Thank you! With heartfelt appreciation.

Kimberly, Highett


In the past twelve months Wendy Hanes has helped me reorganize a chaotic house during my retirement and before and after some major renovations. The reorganization process involved not only two extremely untidy bedrooms and a cluttered living room, but also approximately 6,000 books and the contents of five filing cabinets (collected during a thirty-year working life as an academic).

Ms Hanes is a godsend. She gets acquainted with the client, their lifestyle and their assorted problems connected with de-cluttering and re-arranging. Then she suggests creative, effective solutions to cull superfluous possessions, to introduce methods and systems and to bring about permanent changes. She deals patiently and good-humouredly with clients’ chaos and (as in my own case) occasional despair and hysteria, and on every single visit she leaves the client’s living areas improved and the client feeling happy and optimistic.

I could never recommend her enough to anyone with major book/paperwork clutter and with wardrobes looking like rubbish tips.


Dr Mirna Cicioni
Honorary Research Fellow and former Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies,
School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University

I met Wendy about 18 month ago when I was feeling overwhelmed with my inability to get on top of my papers! I had collected piles of papers which had turned into boxes of papers and these had mounted up and were threatening to turn into cupboards of papers! I’ve since heard that I’m not the only one who does this!

Over this period of time we have steadily worked to transform my house. After the papers we gradually worked through storage areas, the linen cupboard, arts crafts and sewing areas, the kitchen, study, recreational room, and so on. My neighbour was in the other day and she says it feels different! That was so good to hear because it feels great to me too.

I love looking in my kitchen cupboards, linen cupboard, wardrobe, etc. and seeing space. I love having a place for everything and being able to put it away without wondering where it could possibly have a home. The house actually feels lighter!

I don’t know what Wendy does but somehow in the two hours a month or so that we work together we have a lot of laughs as she gently works with me to rid my house of clutter. There is no pressure but somehow it works. I figure that some people are good at arranging cupboard/house contents but I’m not one of them! Wendy is, so she is great for me! (I am starting to get the hang of it now.)

I have saved the money I spend on Wendy over and over again because now I know that if something doesn’t have a place in my house I won’t bother buying it! Thanks, Wendy, I’m so grateful that you have come into my life.

Heather, Glen Iris

Dear Wendy

Remember when you came to my home I must have asked a thousand times about how long to keep paperwork for tax purposes “in case I got audited”. Well the day finally came after 25 years of tax returns…arrrgh. My husband and I have a couple of joint accounts and for some reason in the 05/06 tax return we did not halve the interest but included the whole amount on my husband’s return. The taxation department picked it up and I have been audited/investigated.

So I just wanted to let you know how well your system works. Thank God when I got the original letter I was able to easily find the file “Tax 05/06” as well as previous tax returns. This helped SO much, Thank God you came when you did.

Miss your visits but I’m grateful for putting my home in excellent working order!

A very happy client.

Angela, Templestowe

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