When you walk in your front door after a long day and the state of your home causes your heart to sink, it’s time to get help. If you feel overwhelmed by piles of laundry, sports gear, school bags and bits of paper that need your attention, it’s time to get professional help!

Being organised isn’t about having a linen press like Martha Stewart’s, and it won’t come at the expense of creativity or spontaneity. Being organised is about being on top of the things that are important to you. Having clean clothes ready to wear, paying bills on time and having a comfortable home where you can relax, recharge, and enjoy the company of family and friends (and not panic when someone comes to the door unexpectedly!).

Very often milestones, happy or sad, such as the birth of a child, returning to work after starting a family, retirement or illness can cause a pleasant, well ordered home to slip into survival mode. Or perhaps you moved and never had the time to find a place for all the stuff in those boxes. Or maybe, every time you decide to tackle that spare room full of clutter you end up closing the door and having a nice cup of tea instead.

Professional Organiser Wendy Hanes at Skeletons in the Closet can help you jumpstart the process of getting your home under control. Wendy offers hands on help to banish clutter and can create simple, customized systems to make your home look and function in a way that suits you.

Wendy is Melbourne’s only Internationally Certified Professional Organiser (CPO®) and has Specialist Certificates in Chronic Disorganisation and Hoarding. She has served four terms on the board of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) and was the recipient of the inaugural AAPO President’s Award in 2008 for outstanding work in the industry. Wendy is a wife, mother and dog owner with a strong belief that “done is better than perfect”. Her common sense approach to getting organised has been featured in numerous publications including House and Garden, The Age and Melbourne Weekly.

Wendy speaks about Working with Hoarding Clients at the DHS Environmental Neglect Forum, Melbourne, September 2011

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